3 reasons why Day2Day Books only works with QuickBooks Online®

Written by: Marloes van lent

Written on: 26 May 2022

Software Review

3 reasons why Day2Day Books only works with QuickBooks Online®

Reason 1 – Cost

As a small start up I was not ready to invest in a lot of hardware. The option of having to have a server in an office space, which at that point was my living room, was scary. Not only costly to purchase but the maintenance of it was also intimidating. Having a software that you pay monthly and the maintenance is taken care of seemed to be much more accessible.  

Reason 2 – Flexibility 

I love to travel and my (extended) family are on different continents. Working with a software that allows me to access information from anywhere in the world was a high priority on my selection list. Sometimes it can be annoying that the places I like to travel to, like backcountry lodges or campsites, don’t have cell service or internet access. Most of the time this is more a blessing than a concern. When the internet is available, being able to jump online to either help a client or a team member while away, is priceless. 

Reason 3 – Quality of the product

Back when Day2Day Books started in 2014, QuickBooks Online was basically the only provider of a cloud based accounting system. There were other options that were definitely less developed and even QuickBooks Online now does not look the same as it did back then. It has improved so much over time, and I’m happy to say that the development team continues to surprise us with new features. One of the benefits of QuickBooks Online I find is that they are open to feedback and we sometimes join them in feedback sessions to work together to improve their product.

After working with the product for so long, I certainly feel I know the program inside and out. Some things are super obvious while there are some unique features & settings I often have to remind new clients / users off. When you start working with Day2Day Books, we do a full audit of all the settings and make sure they are set correctly for your business needs.

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