At Day2Day Books we strongly believe that when you do what you love you will succeed! We love numbers and staying organized. We value relationships and building connections. Our team feels like a family and we build relationships with all of our clients. We want to become part of your team! 

Running your own business is fun and exciting. You get to work on what you like best all day everyday. You pick your product or service, your clients, staff and schedule. But it’s also overwhelming and knowing a lot about your passion doesn’t always mean you want or need to wear all the hats to keep your business going. 



We are a diverse team that shares the same passions – Numbers & Mountains!!! – and values – Passion, Teamwork, Balance and Honesty. 

We all love what we do, helping others by doing, what we like doing, well. We work hard when needed but also value and appreciate time off. To either recharge, enjoy time with friends and family, to be active in the outdoors or to learn new skills!

We are based in Golden BC but our staff works remote from their homes all across the country. 


We know bookkeeping and numbers is still not for every business owner but to be successful you need to have a certain understanding and knowledge of how numbers work. We are happy to train you to understand the process and requirements. Having the awareness that you need it and want it, already brings you there halfway. We refer to it as the “gets it and wants it” idea.






“I want to thank you for all you are doing, I am very grateful to have you involved. We are so close to having everything worked out and it is due to your receptivity and expertise.”

— A Happy Client

“The online bookkeeping tools that Day2Day provides, as well as the monthly support and initial set-up has been excellent. We highly recommend them for bookkeeping services as a non for profit society.”

— A Happy Client

“Very thorough and easy to follow explanations and instructions. Great alternative options were presented to resolve complex scenarios. Marloes is easy to talk with and attentive to even the most trivial requests. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to start up or fine tune their business accounting processes”

— A Happy Client

“I really want to say thank you again for straightening out my books and setting me up with a great accountant for taxes. Things are much smoother now and it’s all because of you! You're awesome!”

— A Happy Client

“You are the best. I appreciate so much what you do for my small business and other people in town :)”

— A Happy Client

“I've been working with Day2Day books for the last 2 years. They were there from day one of use starting up our business. I didn't know what was required from bookkeeping, payroll and tax submissions, but Day2Day book patiently helped us through all the necessary business process, educating us along the way. I'm sleeping well knowing that Day2Day books is looking after our books!”

— Fraser Sprigings

“Marloes has the ability to help with details at the same time as providing a strategic look at our needs. She is responsive and is helping us clean up our data and accounting processes.”

— A Happy Client


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