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We like to work hard and play hard. This shines through how we show up in everything we do. We are a motivated, determined and open team. We respect each other’s opinion and know we are all skilled and knowledgeable.

We support each other when needed, in case deadlines need to be met or someone has to step away to look after personal matters.

We value the option to work remotely and understand the importance of teamwork and communication.

Marloes Van Lent


Alyson Beitz


Stacy Hoke

Senior Bookkeeper

Laura James


AT DAY2Day Books,

On a regular basis we organize team gatherings where we combine training with a fun activity. Some examples are paddle boarding and a visit to the local Skybridge and Zipline. We look forward to adding more to this list soon!



Below are our core values listed. We live and breathe them in all we do, internally as well as with our clients and all other relationships we have.

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When you are excited about something, you are usually better at it and you are more likely to enjoy what you are doing, and go the extra nine yards. Our team loves number crunching, organizing paperwork and we ensure you feel comfortable with your books. We love sharing our knowledge.


As real beancounters we love to balance the books, but that’s not all! We love the right balance between being professional and cracking jokes. We don’t mind putting long days in when deadlines need to be met and taking time off during less busy times. We switch between working from the office to working from home. All to find the right balance that works for us and our clients.


Open and honest communication is important to maintain good relationships, both between staff and clients. Being able to say that you don’t understand something, that you haven’t done something before or made a mistake and own it is hugely important. Besides this we know we are all human beings and that sometimes we have a bad day, or things happen in our personal lives that affect how we show up. That’s ok and sharing this will help us all understand.


At Day2Day Books we believe in ‘we’ and ‘us’ - together we are able to do so much more! This relates to us as a team where we strive to communicate well, learn, ask questions and help each other do the best job possible. 

It also reflects on how we work together with our clients. We expect our clients to do the same and see us as part of their team.


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