Eating out in Golden, British Columbia

Written by: Marloes van lent

Written on: 9 September 2022

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eating out in golden

Eating out in Golden, British Columbia

One of the things that changed in my routine when I moved to Golden was my eating out habits. In the Netherlands, going out for dinner was really something festive. Something we did to celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries or holidays. I knew when I was a kid that going out for dinner was special. Going out for dinner or getting takeout is way more “normal” in North America and happens more frequently. But for me, going out for dinner or lunch still makes me feel special, like when I was a little kid. In this memo, I’m outlining my favourite restaurants to eat out at in Golden, British Columbia.

During my first few years in Golden, my time was mostly spent up at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. Even though it was easily accessible, going for lunch with the team at the Eagles Eye Restaurant at the top of the hill never got old. The burgers have been, and still are one of my favourites. Many memories have been made up there; wine-tasting dinners with friends, dinners with my parents who came to visit and some après ski drinks… I’ve also been lucky to see good friends get married up there.  Being able to enjoy a wonderful meal with some of the best mountain views during summer and winter is such a treat!

Bringing it down from the mountain to the center of it all – right in downtown Golden, I have a hard time choosing between my three favourite places: Eleven22, the Wolfs Den and the Whitetooth Bistro.


The food at Eleven22 is always beautiful and delicious. Thinking about their stuffed portobello mushroom and locally famous “dragon boat” makes me automatically hungry just writing about it. Combine it with a cute but rustic ambiance that’s perfectly suitable for a date night with your partner or girls night with your best friends. Often being served by our favourite waitress, Christina, makes dinner at Eleven22 a special night.

eating out in golden
The famous “dragon boat” from Eleven22

Wolf’s Den

I spoke about burgers earlier and when you love burgers, you can’t not know about the Wolf’s Den in Golden! They have the biggest burger menu in town. This older log home turned restaurant is just a notch up from your regular bar food night out. The atmosphere is cozy, there’s always a nice buzz with a great mix of locals and visitors and they even have regular live music / jam nights. My favourite order is the elk burger with yam fries with their duck salad as a good second option.

Whitetooth Bistro

Last, but not least, the Whitetooth Bistro! This was the first place my co-worker who was training me took me for lunch. I still remember sitting on the patio out front looking down the main street, I knew I could get used to living here. The Bistro, as we locals call it, is always a reliable choice for dinner, lunch and breakfast! Always tasty with good service, it’s a place you can’t skip.

eating out in golden
Dinner at the Bistro

Wandering Fern Cafe

Ok, let’s do one more and even though it’s not a restaurant, I can’t not mention my favourite little cafe, Wandering Fern. With the cutest coffee trailer, she’s only been able to operate during the summer months.  So excited that she is opening up a new location that will open year round!!

Let me know what your favourite place to eat in Golden is!

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